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Mission Statement


We're told the best thing you can provide to children is a positive role model. The primary mission of Lacrosse Evolution is to enrich athlete's lives by providing outstanding lacrosse experiences. Our goal has been to help athletes of all ages enjoy as well as be educated about the sport of lacrosse. We strive to teach athletes how these lacrosse skills can be applied on the field as well as to their lives off the field. Most companies focus on making you a better Athlete or a better Lacrosse player we are focused on both. We are turning our campers into well rounded Lacrosse Athletes. Lax Evo has developed the concept of The Complete Lacrosse Athlete, which reflects our approach of addressing multiple dimensions of Lacrosse participation enabling Lacrosse athletes at all levels to get the very most from their Lacrosse experience. We are 100% focused on Girls and Boys youth and high school lacrosse athletes in the Tri State area. Our Goals:

  • To maintain sustainable growth at all levels of our operations
  • To operate responsible recreation and sportsmanship
  • To give the highest quality of service possible to our athletes
  • To involve local communities in our programs
  • To provide ongoing training for our staff and teachers
  • To educate our staff about the world of lacrosse and how it can be applied to life


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